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Why should I book a professional hair and make-up artist?

The answer is quite simple; education, experience, knowledge and they create a stress-free, convenient environment. You want every thing to be perfect on your wedding day and so do they. The last thing you need to stress about is making sure your makeup looks just right. Relax; hire a professional bridal makeup artist that will come to you, which puts more time in your already busy schedule. With Kajols experience and skills Kajol is able to create a look for you that fits you, your personality, and enhances your natural beauty. You will save time and energy and its fun!  Booking Kajol  not only will relaxes you, but ensures that both the make-up and hair are working in harmony. With minimal touch ups, giving you a flawless, glowing complexion and fabulous hair all day. . . kajol will make you look the wow factor leaving you to enjoy the breathtaking moments!

How far in advance should i book a makeup artist?

I would recommend to book your makeup artist and hair stylist as soon as you get the date fixed and booked your venue Or as soon as possible. Wedding planning can sometimes be a nightmare I would recommend to get that out of the way, and hopefully that will ease some stress.

What does a bridal makeover include?

A Bridal Makeover includes Hair, Makeup and Dressing. Please give us a call to schedule a consultation with Kajol.

I am not sure what makeup look and hair style i want on my special day, can you help?

 Yes absolutely! I suggest you begin looking through social media such as instragram facebbok google and magazines  and finding several make-up photos that you like. Kajol will create a look based on what you like, and help you create the look you are hoping to achieve, from vintage to modern to natural.  Kajol will also help you identify and accentuate your most flattering features to reveal your natural beauty. It can be daunting trying to find a look that you want, but I promise the process will be painless.

Above all, you should feel comfortable, relaxed and enjoy every aspect of your wedding day.
For your Hair there is no rule or boundary – working with your artist can help point you in the right direction depending on your face shape x

How long will the makeup last? and what brands do you use?

The makeup will last all day without needing any touch ups with the exception of lips (due to eating/drinking etc). As a professional makeup artist, Kajol will able to apply and set your makeup to ensure it looks as beautiful to last over 12 hours.  Kajol only use the best products that she personally have had experiences with skin to ensure its performance is up to quality. Main brands that Kajol use in her kit are, NARS marc Jacobs, MAC, Makeup Forever, Laura Mercier, huda beauty Hourglass, INGLOT, Smashbox, charlotte tilbury etc..

How long the wedding bridal hair and makeup take?

When a booking is made you are given an allocated time slot depending on the type of booking you have booked

Time slot will be given to the client which will contain a start time and end time and approved by client. Each

makeup session requires a certain length of time to be finished and is not to exceed time limit. When reserving your date, please book accordingly.

All simple/ heavy party makeup bookings are given 30-40 minutes each person

Party hair only bookings are given upto 30 mins each person

Both party hair and makeup booking are given 1.5 hour slot for each person

Mehnndi / engagement and Registry hair n makeup bookings are upto 2 hours to 2.5 hours

All BRIDALS hair n makeup area given upto 2.5 hours to 3 hours.

For ALL Bridal ONLY MAKEUP only Approx. 1.5 time slot will be given

For BRIDAL ONLY hair this includes full dupatta n jewelry setting or hijab styling upon request approx.1.5 hours time slot given max (All time slots includes setting up n packing make up and hair equipment)

Do you also offer skin care with the make-up?

For Kajol, make-up artist to be able to achieve the best possible look for you in terms of make-up application, suitability and longevity then it is vital that the make-up itself is applied to the best possible base skin

I want to use some of my own makeup products is this possible?

Yes of course, we want you to feel totally comfortable.  Kajol is more than happy to apply any makeup products of your own for you, just have them to hand.

I normally wear very little makeup; will I need to wear lots of makeup to look good?

Not at all, our service is about enhancing your natural features and creating a look that feels like you, just more polished, ensuring you look flawless on and off camera. Bridal makeup is all about good balance therefore we will ensure there is a balance of what will look good on camera and still natural to make sure you feel comfortable with your chosen look.

Can I book you for just my makeup?

Well, yes you could, or even just hair styling. But my skill is to work with you as a whole to create the best I can.

Do you style the dupatta and set the jewellery ?

Yes Kajol offers full packages for all bridal bookings such as full hair n makeup eyelashes, hair piece extension, paddings and full jewellery and dupatta styling even hijab styling too.

Should my hair be freshly washed before the wedding day or and other bridal occasions ?

It would be best to have your hair dry when Kajol arrive, you can either wash it the day before or if you prefer to wash your hair daily . . .please wash your hair only with shampoo and straighten the hair before artist arrival.

Why are false eyelashes necessary and can i opt out of using it?

In my opinion, false eyelashes complete a full makeup look. It is the finishing touch that adds that extra glam and sparkle to any look whether it be natural or dramatic. Price will remain the same even if opting out of lash service.

What if you are ill on my wedding day and you can't come out?

In the extremely unlikely event that Kajol is  so ill, injured or a family bereavement or in the event of any accident, inclement weather conditions that Kajol  is  unable to do your make-up on your wedding day then Kajol will do everything possible to find you an alternative make-up artist to look after your needs

We cannot be held responsible for any mechanical breakdowns, or for any delays caused by events beyond our control. In the event that we cannot find anyone else available then the full extent of our liabilities’ would be to give you a full refund.. Please note that this has never happened in all the years I have been working!

What hygiene precautions do you take?

Kajol make-up  kit is cleaned regularly all make-up brushes are cleaned and sanitised after each person.

Kajol use disposable mascara wands and sponges. she use an antibacterial hand gel before and between each client.

Do you cater for sensitive or problem prone skin?

The majority of products that Kajol use are hypo allergenic, If you have a sensitive skin we have products designed to calm and desensitize your skin. For Acne/Rosacea or problem prone skin, we us specially formulated primers and concealers to neutralize redness, ensuring your skin remains flawless all day. With this in mind your are welcome to use any products that you feel work well for your skin type we are more than happy to use them as we want you to feel totally comfortable on the special day

Do I need to pay a Deposit?

Yes, a non-refundable deposit per person is required this will then secure your date & time of your Wedding & generates a confirmation letter and receipt. This non-refundable deposit is to secure your wedding date or other bridal bookings

Dates are not secured until a deposit has been paid with 48 hours and confirmed in writing..

All payments made to Kajol Beauty  for Bridal Services and Training Courses must be paid in full before the due date, unless otherwise agreed in advance with Kajol.  We are not liable for any delay caused by late payments or clearance of funds.

Please Note. We reserve the right to cancel your booking without refund, if at any time during the trial any member of your bridal party becomes abusive or violent or displays any behaviour that we feel is offensive.

What do I need to do to prepare for hair or makeup on the wedding day or BEFORE KAJOLS ARRIVAL?

For your makeup application, if you can cleanse and moisturize your skin and possibly have eaten and brushed you teeth that will really help.

Please note Kajol allocates time slot for each bride so it can accommodate everyone in the busy schedule

Timeslot can be earlier or later but either way makeup n hair will last over 12 hours

Please ensure no delays on your side as it will result in getting late to next booking and you will end paying extra if any delays on your side

Please provide me with good work space n good lightning

Room that will be used to dress the bride would be preferred on the ground floor (not in the attic or loft )

  • Empty carrier bag for rubbish
  • Towel( old )
  • Dinning table chair for makeup
  • Stool type chair for hair
  • Please provide me with Extra plug extension

Do I have to wear my bridal outfit before Kajol’s Arrival?

Please wear your bridaltop before arrival or preferable wear your full outfits if possible and have all outfits Jewllery all ready

Have clothes / outfit steamed/ironed ready to wear (out of packets and any packaging in scarf and dress removed )

Please ensure all outfits is out from the groomside baskets etc

Wear bangles & hand jewellery before arrival

Please ensure all jewellery is out of box  all-labels taken off and laid on bed or table ready for me

Do I need to wear my contact lenses and fake nails before your arrival on the day?

If you Wearing any fake nails please have them done before arrival

If you wearing contact lenses

Please wear them 30mins  before makeup application

Will my makeup last if I cry?!

You may shed a tear or two on your big day as it’s such an emotional occasion, so waterproof mascara is a must! There’s some fabulous long lasting make-up around at the moment, which will minimise the number of touch ups you’ll need to make during the day.


  • don’t forget to pack  a compact powder in your clutch bag or in family members bag if possible
  • extra lash glue
  • top up lip stick
  • soft tissue
  • damp beauty foundation blender
  • keep straws for drinking water to keep lipstick long lasting

Please note makeup & hair is long lasting over 12hours

But self maintenances very important to ensure all is good n to be safe side always to be extra cautious on the day so ideal to keep these things in hand

How do I make my lipstick last as long as possible?

Apply a vasline night before your big day or every night if you can  to even out the surface of your lips and get rid of any flaky skin. It’s recommended to exfoliate your lips too – this gives a good base and evens out your skin tone.

Do you take on international bookings?

Kajol will be taking on international bookings from 2020.We will be taking on international bookings from 2020.

You shall arrange for the cost of the flight, transfers and accommodation. This clause applies for all bookings outside of the United Kingdom.

Do you travel out of London for bookings?

Yes Kajol takes booking out of London example Birmingham Brighton etc